Volvo OtoFinans

Volvo Car Corporation

The Volvo Car Corporation is one of the car industry’s strongest brands, with a long and proud history of world-leading innovations. Founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, by Gustaf Larson and Assar Gabrielsson, the first car left the factory on 14 April, 1927. It was called ÖV4 (Jakob).

Volvo Cars Turkiye

Volvo Cars Turkey has no long history, but an inspiring one. Volvo Cars’ core values of quality, design, environment and safety has met with the expectations of Turkish premium market. During 2011 where Volvo Oto Finans launched, Volvo Cars Turkiye increased it’s premium market share from 8.1% to 15%.

Volvo OtoFinans

During the early 2011 the client’s marketing agency knocked our door with a simple idea; boosting sales through marketing not only cars but also financial plans. Our team had to be fast to show off the service at auto show 2011 Istanbul, while maintaining the extensibility of the application for future  The challenge was;

  1. Creating a familiar interface for users to overcome the complexity of financial data,
  2. Building a sustainable and effortless system to manage the service backend.

The Calculator Metaphor meets Responsive Layout

Our team focused on designing a familiar interface first. Since the application basically function to get best credit options with given input, we decided to employ the calculator metaphor. Our designers and engineers closely worked to build

this solid functionality with varying layout options to fit the mobile touch points native look and dimensions.

We also gave great attention to the sustainability of the application. So, we took a close look at how the financial options, car prices are determined by the manufacturer and it’s financial solution provider. In order to overcome the approval based workflow we decided to study the final document, instead of intervening every step. Therefore, our team build a solid backend system that parses the uploaded spreadsheets catching every new automobile variant, it’s price and credit options. Updating made easy, as uploading a single spreadsheet.

Adaptive Design

As of day one, we were quite sure that the application will reach a great use and require further modifications. After a while we’ve built a web only version and sharing capabilities.