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Design for SMEs

We’re proud to design a service fulfilling the needs of both young talented designers and small to medium sized enterprises seeking innovation. Below is short description of industrial motivations and our impact behind the project.

Turkey as an SME Country

SME’s consist 95% of all enterprises in Turkey in terms of to a widely accepted criteria for being an SME. However, besides lack of financial capital, SMEs face three other important challenges in terms of building innovative products and services. They are;

  1. Technological challenges,
  2. Restricted managerial capability
  3. Low productivity

Design Business in Turkey

In contrary, higher educational institutes are training talented designers for over 30 years now. The new graduates sometimes feel frustrated  when they found themselves working for a traditional SME.

Design for SMEs

Design for SMEs is an effort to bring recently graduated designers and SMEs seeking innovation together, for a cause; to fire up a transformation.  The project is initiated by Istanbul Technical University and Istanbul Chamber of Industry with financial support from Istanbul Development Agency.

Our team designed the service around the needs and expectations of the parties. The deliverable is basically a web application that matchs designers and SMEs to each other based on industry, technical capability/needs and location. The application also serves a board for new job opportunities.

—We’re excited about the innovative outcomes of initial pilot implementation of 20 matches and will update this case accordingly.