Alias is an automated call forwarding service designed to aid the ones you care in case of getting lost.

Alias provides a generic toll free phone number and a unique identification number milled on products that are widely used by elderly people, children and pets. Those products vary from shopping bags, walking sticks to clothes, bracelets, toys and straps. In fact none of the products are necessary to run the service; but they provide a great additional value for the agencies that run the services locally.

Once the user is registered to Alias the caregiver submits prioritized emergency contact numbers.

When a pedestrian encounters user with a visible alias id who seems lost, s/he can call the toll free number and provide the ID number of the user to the IVR. Then he will be forwarded to the primary emergency contact of the user (if not answered forwarded to the second contact and so on.)

While waiting for a response s/he will be acknowledged about how he should interact with the user through a pre-recorded, generic action plan. When the call is answered, the pedestrian and the emergency contact of the user can then agree on what further steps should be taken.